"Saint Epiphanios"
Cultural Academy
Research Centre

The Holy Bishopric of Constantia and Ammochostos and His Eminence Metropolitan Vasilios established the “Saint Epiphanios” Cultural Academy – Research Centre in 2008.

The Academy aspires to encourage the research, the study, and the promotion of cultural, religious, and natural heritage of Cyprus and of the broader Eastern Mediterranean region. The Academy is developing activities in the fields of hagiography, theology, history and archaeology, literature, art, ecology, liturgical and traditional music. Aiming to contribute to cultural and social development the Academy organizes several actions. 

The Academy achieves its objectives through the publication of books and conference proceedings, the organization of conferences, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions. Amongst the highest priorities of the Academy are the establishment and curation of the Ecclesiastical Museum of Agia Napa and of the Research Centre, the development of research and educational programmes, and the formation of a traditional and a digital library, devoted in the field of Cypriot Hagiography and the study of the culture of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region.

The Academy collaborates closely with organizations, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The “Saint Epiphanios” Cultural Academy – Research Centre is based in the Monastery of Panagia of Agia Napa in Agia Napa, Famagusta.

Saint Epiphanios is depicted in the emblem of the Academy. Saint Epiphanioswas bishop of Salamis and Constantia and archbishop of Cyprus between the years 367 and 403. He is considered one of the great Church Fathers, who played a significant part in the ecclesiastical affairs of his times. He is also known as an important author, whose works have been widely studied and translated.